Dear Hank & John

Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the fourth-tier English football club).

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episode 355: 355: The Spy Who Traumatized Me

Does it really take one to know one? What do I say when I hand someone blood? How do I keep my impact in perspective?


 2022-12-12  47m

episode 354: 354: Major Major Major Major

Why aren't people over 18 called majors? How does irradiation work? How long have artichokes been around?


 2022-12-05  47m

episode 353: 353: Good for the Gaggle

What would you do with $44 billion? How important are consistent beliefs? Who decides collective nouns?


 2022-11-28  52m

episode 352: 352: Self-Serving Sarcophagi (w/ Sarah Urist Green!)

Who decides how a name is pronounced? What would you preserve for the future? Have you purchased your burial plots yet?


 2022-11-21  50m

episode 351: 351: Sphere the Atmos

Why is it harder to wake up during inclement weather? What's the difference between an -ology and an -onomy? Where should I get my next tattoo?


 2022-11-14  43m

episode 350: 350: Fully Two Selves

Where does paper go when you cut it? Were silent letters always silent? Why do you only smell smells when you inhale?


 2022-11-07  59m

episode 349: 349: The Rooster Gauntlet

What would happen to a dead body on the moon? Where could I live that is furthest away from venomous creatures? How do I be brave in the dark?


 2022-10-31  53m

episode 348: 348: Good Old Demily

No questions this week! Just a real human conversation about pilfered lemurs, secret playlists, and past mortifications.


 2022-10-24  55m

episode 347: 347: The Ultimate Stalemate, Emotionally (w/ Mark Watson!)

Could you break out of a giant pickle? How do I pretend I know what someone's talking about? How do I handle people who don't like Rocky Horror?


 2022-10-17  56m

episode 346: 346: Pete's A John

Is time just an increase in entropy? How do you handle pizza emergencies? What beverage do we leave out on Pizzamas Eve?


 2022-09-26  51m