The Heart

The Heart is an audio art project about intimacy and humanity. A proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.



      People Who Need People

      Samara and Kelsey got hitched. We celebrate their marriage by re-releasing this episode (originally ‘Samara + Kelsey’) with a life / wife update.  

      This episode was originally produced by Samara Breger with The Heart.



      Doing Time

      This story is part of Radiotopia’s network-wide theme, Doing Time. In the early 2000’s, Kathleen reads through the personal ads of a magazine; on a whim, she writes to a man. Thus begins a relationship with the greatest love of her life.

      ‘Private family visits’ is the correct term for conjugal visits. Its purpose is not just for sex, but to help maintain strong relationships between inmates and their families. Studies have shown that private family visits can help reduce...



      No: Questions

      Episode Four: Many listeners were left with lingering questions and thoughts after the first three episodes.  What do I tell my kids? What if my no DOES mean yes? What role does alcohol play in consent? In this episode, some Heart producers and Samara Breger (our trusted sex educator) unpack some blind spots and larger themes around consent. [Trigger Warning]

      Part of “No”, a mini-season.

      Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.



      No: Answers

      Episode Three: Kaitlin’s search for the answer to why coercion is so omnipresent lands her in one obvious place. Straight, cis-gendered men. In this episode, Kaitlin consults the men in her life that she trusts the most to see if they had ever pressured someone into having unwanted intimacy. But she knows she cannot end her search here. [Trigger Warning]

      Part of “No”, a mini-season.

      Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.



      No: Inheritance

      Episode Two: We catch up to Kaitlin while she is in her mid-twenties, waiting to fall in love. [Trigger Warning]

      Part of “No”, a mini season.

      Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.



      No: Advance

      Episode One: We meet young Kaitlin as she navigates her first sexual experiences and the confusions of girlhood. [Trigger Warning]

      Part of “No”, a mini-season.

      Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.



      Trailer: No

      Our new season, starting May 9th. Kaitlin explores her sexual boundaries from youth to adulthood.



      The Real Tom Banks

      Tom Banks is 23, gay, and an expert at meeting guys online. He’s spent hours in chat rooms and on dating sites, searching for advice and love. On the internet, Tom is whoever he wants to be. Thomas, the hopeless romantic. Brian, a tan beach lover. So…who is the real Tom Banks?

      Credits: This episode was produced by Jesse Cox (This is About) for Radiotonic on ABC. Sound design: Timothy Nicastri; Actors: Rupert Reid, Tom Conroy.



      First Comes Marriage

      Arranged marriages, although they sound scary to our Western ears, are considered extremely successful. Divorce rates are much lower. But those are statistics. What about being in love with the person that you married? A Harvard study found that partners in arranged marriages, over time, end up being more in love than couples who marry for love. Our friend Ryan Kailath has known this his whole life, because he grew up with it. His parents met for 15 minutes before they...



      Bathroom Bill

      Marlo never expected a bathroom bill to reach her home state of Washington. But it did.

      In 2016, the Just Want Privacy Campaign started petitioning to keep transgender students from using restrooms that match their gender identities. Marlo navigates what a bathroom bill means for her and her transgender daughter. 

      Credits: This episode was originally aired on How to Be a Girl; produced by Marlo Mack with editing assistance from Jim Gates and Whitney Henry-Lester.