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      194: Video Mad Libs

      Moltz recalls the old ads for Raceway Park.

      Please pick up some fine Fireball products at Target.

      Lots of people suffer from stage fright. Only one has thrown up in Moltz's driveway.

      If you wanted to buy any of us a Mac Pro as a holiday gift we probably wouldn't say no.

      Lex's kids play Prodigy which is not this Prodigy.

      James Bridle details some real problems with kid videos on YouTube.

      Our thanks to CanvasPeople.com, a really easy to use...



      193: Probable Hershey Trip

      Here is the Game of Thrones character known as Buffalo Wildlings.

      Al Franken is resigning.

      Moltz makes a reference to Steve Jobs unveiling the original iPhone that no one thinks is funny other than himself.

      Lex's Disneyland plan is discussed.

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      192: Men Really Really Really Really Suck

      Moltz is hoping to get a Tacoma Rainiers hat for Christmas.

      Talking to your kids about Matt Lauer.

      We discuss Slater-Kinney and Carrie Brownstein.

      The Day After was not exactly the feel-good hit of the summer back in 1983.

      Zombieland is also apocalyptic but decidedly more fun.

      We hear good things about Coco.

      Sad to hear that John Lasseter is also a predator.

      Things in the world a pretty bad but the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is...



      191: Who Needs Oral Hygiene When You’re Dead

      Jon makes a reference to the seminal movie Conan the Barbarian.

      Secret Hitler could be a good game for your kids.

      Or, perhaps, the great taste of Prongles if you can find some.

      Lex's daughter is reading some Judy Blume books.

      Jon's kids wanted to watch Annie but couldn't.

      Lex recommends Wonder if you want to bawl your eyes out.

      The Logan doll does not come with retractable claws.

      Moltz never finished his story about watching Nurse Betty on a plane...



      190: Caramel Earwax Swirl

      We talk about clogged ears in this episode but do yourself a favor and don't click on any of theselinks that Jon was texting us while recording.

      If you do, you might need to guzzle a bottle of Aftershock.

      Ed. note: Important Data from Lex

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      189: Divorce doesn't have to suck

      Moltz is sadly not on this episode.

      Jon saw Thor and says kids 8 and will love it. There is some hilarious talk about Thor's relationship to his hammer, Mjölnir. The younger kids will not get the reference, but their parents will.

      Lex voted. His wife and children supported his right to vote.

      Lex and Jon talk a bit about iPhone X's camera and Lex shares a scary selfie. Lex's resemblance to Jeff Goldblum is discussed.

      Our thanks also to Sleep Number, the best sleep ...



      188: Headless Horseman Situation

      Liam is adorable and somehow Lex still manages to not eat his face.

      Here's part of Jon's Halloween costume.

      Here's Lex as the Spartan cheerleader.

      How did Moltz not know that Heathers was made into a musical?

      Please join the Resistance: bring back Reeses Inside Out Peanut Butter Cups.

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      187: Butt Puns

      Deathwatch may not sound like a book for kids but it won the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery.

      The movie Race With The Devil is probably not for the kids.

      Also not for the kids is Conan playing Grand Theft Auto.

      Cabel Sasser's Buggy Saint's Row.

      Good luck getting the image of Lex and his wife as the Spartan Cheerleaders out of your head.

      Jon's going to be a mod for Halloween, a la Quadrophenia.

      Moltz recalls Mischief Night.

      Lex wrote about...



      186: Respect the Dead

      Want to see something scary this month? Watch The Haunted Mansion. It's scary bad.

      People has supposedly been known to scatter ashes of their loved ones on the Disney Haunted Mansion ride.

      As always, be sure to check Common Sense Media to find out which bad movies are right for you children to watch.

      Peter Falk had a glass eye. True story.

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      185: This week's show is cancelled due to Harvey

      There's a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer out.

      Hocus Pocus is another movie. Yes, it is.

      Emma Thompson has some words to say about Harvey Weinstein.

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