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episode 106: The final episode

Yes, it is true - 2debate ends today. This episode is a final greeting from Lydia, Sebastian and Dirk


 2021-09-11  19m

episode 105: Olympics, Photography, and Equality

Sebastian: The Olympics should be cancelled! Dirk: Technology will make professional photographers obsolete! Lydia: Visibility leads to Equality!


 2021-07-17  1h18m

episode 104: NFTs of extinct stuffed animals

Today we debated themes as far apart as bringing back extinct species on one hand and the question of NFT powered bubbles or travel bans to safe the environment on the other... Also we derailed the trivia section, but in a good way :-)


 2021-06-07  1h21m

NFTs of extinct stuffed animals

NFTs of extinct stuffed animals


 2021-06-07  n/a

episode 104: Nephelococcygia

Debating motions:  Dirk: Teenagers should be allowed to vote! Lydia: Experts, not politicians should rule! Sebastian: No one will stop China from clawing back Taiwan! And - Trivia!


 2021-04-25  1h1m

episode 103: Red vs. Blue

Red vs. Blue


 2021-03-15  1h8m

episode 102: Life after death in the never-ending clubhouse?

Our two debaters meet this time to ponder life's big questions and to find out if clubhouse is worth trying...


 2021-02-20  52m

episode 101: Twitter, Borders, Ukulele and Alpacas!

2debate is back in your ears, this time with a third debater and three amazing motions! Was twitter right about banning Trump? Is closing borders accomplishing anything? Is it ok to show a cartoon about a guy with a rope-like penis on chrildrens TV? Plus: Ukulele and Alpacas! Lydia, Sebastian and Dirk don't quite agree on their positions but we had a blast arguing and hope you can hear that.


 2021-01-20  n/a

episode 100: 100!

This episode is different. Instead of debating Sebastian and Dirk decided to look back on 99 debates and 5 special episodes and speak about what's next for 2debate...


 2021-01-01  43m

episode 99: 2d99 - Social scoring will make the world better!

Today's episode looks at the trend called "social scoring" where 'good' behavior earns positive scores and 'bad' behaviour is 'punished' with lower scores. Now, Sebastian will argue that this will be a force for good in the world while Dirk thinks this may be decremental to freedom, democracy and society at large... It is up to you to decide who had the better arguments.


 2020-12-18  32m