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Datengarten 99 (datengarten)

Offene Geodaten für den humanitären Einsatz



Fusion Pressekonferenz 08.05.2019 (fusionpk)

about this event:



implementing a harmonized shipping label generator (osmodevcon2019)

The EU decided to switch to harmonized shipping labels, but no one seems to have implemented it yet. This is my simple try. about this event:



getting started with Atmel | START on sysmoOCTSIM (osmodevcon2019)

Because we couldn't find any decent multi-slot SIM card (e.g. smart card) reader, we decided to build our own: the sysmoOCTSIM. This use the recent Microchip SAM E54 micro-controller, which is only supported by the Atmel START web-based IDE. We will briefly present the sysmoOCTSIM and how to get started with Atmel START. about this event:



osmo-ccid-firmware: libosmocore+talloc on uC; USB testing from TTCN-3 (osmodevcon2019)

tales from the osmo-ccid-firmware development * writing USB device firmware on a Linux PC with a virtual USB bus + host controller * working with full libtalloc + libosmcoore in a microcontroller * testing USB devices and their protocols from TTCN3 about this event:



Doing long distance digital links using the HF radio band / Rhizomatica's HERMES project in Mexico (osmodevcon2019)

In this talk we will present the system we used in the HERMES (High-frequency Emergency and Rural Multimedia Exchange System), winner of the Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge of Mozilla WINS Challenge. At HERMES demonstration in Mexico the system was composed by a couple of ICOM IC-7100 radios (100W peak output power), doing NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) skywave communication between a community in the mountains and capital of the state...



OsmocomBB Layer1 on Mediatek: Status Report (osmodevcon2019)

I would like to share my progress in porting layer1 to fernvale (MediaTek 626x chipset) and discuss how best to proceed with the goal of getting layer1+nuttx+mobile on fernvale as well as related devices like sim800[A-Z] and dz-09 like watches. Possibly also discussing newer chipsets like mtk6735/6737 (zte obsidian and orange pi 4g/iot board). about this event:



State of the T.I.C. (rhizomatica) network in Oaxaca (osmodevcon2019)

Review of the Mobile Networks in Oaxaca Telecomunicaciones Indígenas Comunitarias has to date got 15 sites up and running in Oaxaca. We're still running the osmo-NITB and using a variety of radio hardware, sysmoBTS 1020, 2050 and Fairwaves UmSite. We can take a look at how the sites have been performing, problems, and key areas needing work. about this event:



Running Osmocom combined with LTE (osmodevcon2019)

What do we need to do in order to operate a 4G/LTE network that's integrated with Osmocom 2G/3G? What do we need to do in order to operate a 4G/LTE network that's integrated with Osmocom 2G/3G? This is half presentation, half discussion...



SGs interface in OsmoMSC (osmodevcon2019)

Recently, we introduced a SGs interface to osmo-msc for CSFB and SMS interoperation with 4G/LTE. This talk covers SGs interface basics as well as how we added it to osmo-msc about this event: