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episode 249: Three Spectacular Stegosaurs and Research Casting International

Garret visits RCI to get an update on their latest work. Plus the new stegosaur Adratiklit boulahfa.


 2019-09-04  38m

episode 248: The new grey skulled sauropodomorph and Mission Jurassic

The new sauropodomorph Ngwevu intloko was described from South Africa


 2019-08-28  28m

episode 247: A new dinosaur found in amber and a tyrannosaur footprint in China

Interview with Professor Annalisa Berta, one of the coauthors of the book Women in Vertebrate Paleontology


 2019-08-21  38m

episode 246: Nigersaurus, the Darth Vader vacuum cleaner of the Cretaceous

New Triceratops, Psittacosaurus, and sauropod fossils


 2019-08-14  28m

episode 245: Microraptor ate its food face first & Jurassic Park as a horror film

Interview with S.A. Bradley from Hellbent for Horror. Plus Hesperornithoidies, the fuzzy toed dino found in amber.


 2019-08-07  1h4m

episode 244: Tenontosaurus with a limp, 1,000s of saurpods, and over 70 T. rex

Paleopathologies in Tenontosaurus, 10 years of work have made an epic sauropod database, and the most complete census of Lance & Hell Creek Formations to date


 2019-07-31  33m

episode 243: A new hadrosaur with an eagle nose and a shovel bill

Interview with Jen Bauer, new opalized fossils, and the battle for the dueling dinosaurs continues


 2019-07-24  42m

episode 242: Blue dinosaur feathers and a theropod with a small skull in its stomache

Notatesseraeraptor was described with one of the best Triassic skulls ever found in Europe


 2019-07-17  34m

episode 241: David Evans and the one-toed walker

Interview with David Evans who curated the Zuul exhibit and a new dinosaur which probably walked on just one toe


 2019-07-10  58m

episode 240: Hylaeosaurus - Episode 240

An update on dinosaur soft tissue and a 97% complete find from Zimbabwe


 2019-07-03  31m