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Episode 13: Best Western Denver Southwest

Every palaeontologist needs to put their feet up once in a while, and what better place to do so that the Best Western Denver Southwest?


 2013-03-01  49m

Episode 12: Paleozoic problematica

How do you interpret a fossil that has no obvious modern counterpart and is not clearly related to any other organism? We speak to Dr Jakob Vinther.


 2013-02-15  58m

Episode 11: Sexual selection in the fossil record

Sexual selection is responsible for much of the astounding diversity in morphology and behaviour that we can see in animals and plants today, but how can we reliably recognise it in the fossil record?


 2013-02-01  47m

Episode 10: Carboniferous Arthropods

We talk to Dr. Russell Garwood about the Carboniferous, the land animals which were around at the time, and the techniques he uses to study these


 2013-01-15  1h1m

Episode 9: The Palaeontological Association AGM

We report from the 56th Palaeontological Association AGM


 2013-01-01  51m

Episode 8: Mesozoic Vertebrate Ecology

Dr Dave Hone joins us to talk about his vast and varied experience with Mesozoic vertebrates. Not to be missed by you dino fans!


 2012-12-15  56m

Episode 7: Colouration in fossils

Colour is very important for animals, but how can we learn about the colours of fossils when they have had their tissues replaced by minerals? We talk to Dr Maria McNamara


 2012-11-15  33m

Episode 6: Early vertebrate evolution and extinction

Dr Lauren Sallan discusses the early evolution of vertebrates and their recovery following the Late Devonian mass extinction event


 2012-11-01  49m

Episode 5: Mistaken Point

We talk to Dr. Alex Liu about the biota of the Ediacaran period which is of critical importance to our understanding of the origin of animals because it immediately precedes the Cambrian fauna.


 2012-10-15  1h0m

Episode 4: The fossil forests of Gilboa

We interview Professor William Stein of Binghamton University about the world's first forsets at Gilboa, NY, USA. We talk through the history of the research at this famous locality covering the destruction of the village of Gilboa and some of the 'paleon


 2012-10-01  49m