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REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won't be un morceau de gateau. We're not sick of experts and we won't shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain (personal capacity only!), Ros Taylor of the LSE (personal capacity only, again), Alex Andreou AKA @SturdyAlex, German-Nepalese journalist Nina Schick, actor Ingrid Oliver and scores of special guests. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (! Support us on Patreon and #OwnTheRemoan: Our YouTube channel is here:

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March For Europe Minicast

Join Dorian Lynskey, Peter Collins and Ros Taylor as they report from the People's March For Europe, soak up the atmosphere and talk to some of the people on the march. Includes interview with Seb Dance, MEP


 2017-09-10  16m

"WHY WOULD ANYONE COME HERE?" The Home Office EU Immigration Paper Explained

As the Home Office paper on EU residents' status is leaked, Peter Collins, Ian Dunt and Ros Taylor dissect the grim details. Plus, special guest The Memo's Oliver Smith explains what Brexit will mean for the UK's tech industry, and Ros takes us through...


 2017-09-08  54m

STARMZY TO THE RESCUE? Has Keir Starmer sorted Labour's Brexit stance?

This week join Dorian Lynskey, Ian Dunt and Peter Collins as they unpick Labour's latest stance on Brexit. Plus; the best Brexit gags from the Edinburgh Fringe, why the Home Office can't be trusted, and what Peter will be wearing to the People's March ...


 2017-09-01  46m

BREXIT BEDLAM: The faith-based economics edition

This week on the Brexit podcast for the reality-based community… The “staggering economic illiteracy” of Brexit cheerleader Prof Patrick Minford. Will civil servants come to Britain’s rescue? Why the European Free Trade Association Court is “less borin...


 2017-08-25  40m

OFFSIDE! Post-Brexit soccer, customs chaos and the War on Centrism

This week on the Brexit podcast that bends its own bananas… Special guest PHILIPPE AUCLAIR, football writer and England correspondent for France Football, tells us how Brexit will make the national game a lot less beautiful. The sheer fantasy of the go...


 2017-08-18  1h1m

BREXIT LATEST: The Baldrick Ultimatum

This week on the only Brexit podcast with an EU Blue Flag for cleanliness… Is David Davis’s negotiation team really lulling Brussels into a false sense of security or are they genuinely inept? How dare EU tyrants bring in the tough border controls we d...


 2017-08-11  57m

BREXIT BUST-UP: Don Felipe vs Dirty Davis

This week on the podcast that gets through European customs faster than Trump gets through Comms Directors… After that shocking Brextremism poll, do Leave voters REALLY want their kids to be poorer? Ian gets trolled by David Davis’s new Chief of Staff....


 2017-08-04  57m

BREXIT VS. DINNER: The Chicken à la Chlorine edition

This week on the podcast that remembers when the Euro wasn’t Europe’s strongest currency… Special guest AFUA HIRSCH of Sky TV and The Guardian on the post-Brexit crisis in British identity. Is the Lib Dems’ new leader Strong And Cable enough to hold ba...


 2017-07-28  1h0m

REPEAL BILL: A Very Brexit Power-Grab

This week on the podcast that wants to keep its red passport… Is Brexit technically illegal? What horrors are contained in the small print of the “Great Repeal Bill”? Our special guest, Irish stand-up comedian GRAINNE MAGUIRE, gives Brexit Britain a bi...


 2017-07-21  48m

BREXPULSION: EU citizens in limbo

This week on every Europhile’s favourite Brexit podcast… How the Home Office told an EU citizen who’d lived legally in the UK for 24 years to “make arrangements to leave” without any legal grounds – and then refused to hear her complaints. Our special ...


 2017-07-14  52m