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Making sense of our political hell every Friday.Launched from the anti-Brexit movement in 2017, Oh God, What Now? (formerly Remainiacs) has become one of Britain’s most entertaining political voices. With top quality guests and analysis, and poor quality jokes, we make the unbearable bearable. Oh God, What Now? is presented by Dorian Lynskey. Our regulars include: Ian Dunt, editor of politics.co.uk, author of How To Be A Liberal • Ros Taylor, editor of the LSE COVID blog • Naomi Smith, Chief Executive of Best For Britain • Alex Andreou, writer, commentator, cook, actor, secret agent • Minnie Rahman, public affairs and communications at the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants • Yasmeen Serhan, staff writer at The Atlantic.• Sign Up and Listen: patreon.com/ohgodwhatnow.Oh God, What Now? is a Podmasters production. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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episode 53: Back to Drawing Borders?

Recorded before this week’s reshuffle was finalised. For full analysis, listen to our Emergency Pod!

As Boris Johnson kicks Gavin Williamson out from the cabinet, the issues of trade with the EU, especially in Northern Ireland, have been kicked into the long grass once again. Independent MLA Claire Sugden joins the panel for the view from across the Irish Sea...



episode 52: Emergency: Oh God, Who Next?

Responding to the Parliamentary Clustershuffle



episode 51: The End Is N.I.

Does it matter when a Government breaks a keystone promise? Former Blair advisor John McTernan joins us to look at Boris Johnson’s punitive National Insurance hike and ask whether even a serial liar can get away with a whopper like this...



episode 50: Pets over people: “The last smear on our character”

With Afghanistan left to the mercies of the Taliban, Dominic Raab filibusters his own Foreign Affairs committee and ensures that no lessons are learned. Ian gives his verdict on the Pen Farthing pet evacuation spectacle. Plus, the five big issues on the Government’s plate in the autumn. And with Michael Gove out dancing in Aberdeen, we ponder the loneliness of the single politician on the pull.  

  • “Pen Farthing made me so angry I could burst through my skin...



episode 49: Foreign Sec’s On The Beach

As Dominic Raab tries to get his deposit back from Tui, we ask how he got here and what he wants. Meanwhile the pandemic recedes, exposing supply chains and worker pools dangerously denuded by Brexit – meaning empty shelves, shuttered shops, care homes without carers, and missing milkshakes at McDonald’s. How is the Government going to get out of this one? Our special guest is Independent sketchwriter Tom Peck...



episode 48: Worse than Suez: Afghanistan abandoned

The Government’s flat-footed and callous response to the collapse of Afghanistan and the resultant refugee crisis has enraged even the House of Commons. What should Britain do to help the people who helped us? And was the whole enterprise for nothing? ...



episode 47: Swot vs Blot – The Sunak-Johnson Smackdown

As the shine comes off the Prime Minister and the Cabinet gets fractious, is the country ready for a brutal Rishi-on-Boris battle? Special guest Gracie Bradley, interim director of Liberty, takes us through the Government’s suite of repressive civil li...


 2021-08-13  57m

episode 46: The Last Days of COVID?

With new cases of COVID declining, are we really seeing COVID dwindle? Or is this the calm before the next wave? The expert’s expert Christina Pagel of independent SAGE joins us to explain whether we really are turning the corner. Plus, what does the T...


 2021-08-06  55m

episode 45: Everyday Britain vs the Cultural Arsonists

What if they held a Culture War and nobody turned up? A new report says Jo and Josephine Public are less riled by hot button rage issues than we think. Plus, all of a sudden Johnson is wobbling, with a disastrous crime policy launch, his vapid “levelli...


 2021-07-30  59m

episode 44: Stranger Pings

As Cummings:Kuenssberg gives us yet more Classic Dom content, are we now fine with unelected advisors trying to topple Prime Ministers – or for that matter, Prime Ministers giving the Queen COVID? Freedom Week: has the Government just given up...


 2021-07-23  57m