Newz of the World

Newz of the World is a weekly show about world news. Mark Fonseca Rendeiro and Tim Pritlove come together to present interesting reports and discuss their aspects and possible consequences. Newz of the world wants to be an alternative window to the common media flow and cherry picks interesting developments for you.

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NEWZ088 We’re gonna miss him when he’s gone

Looking back at the desaster that dressed up as 2016


 2016-12-21  1h41m

NEWZ087 Archives of Repressive Bodies

EU Migration — Iran — China invests in Pakistan — Yemen situation — Ebola aftermath — FM radio on the way out in Norway — Politico.EU


 2015-04-21  59m

NEWZ086 Enough Reason To Go Postal

Iran Nuclear Deal — Terror Attacks in Kenya — Nigeria Elections — Germanwings Crash — Indiana RFRA Bill — Yemen Air Strikes — Airbnb in Cuba — Russian Twitterbot Networks — IKEA Shelter Home — Al Ahram Egypt


 2015-04-03  59m

NEWZ085 Cuba invented the podcast

Season 2 starts with a look back at the last half year of world newz


 2015-02-28  1h13m

NEWZ084 Passing Gas

Air Strikes Iraq — Gaza-Israel No Truce — Ukraine Government Advances — International Ebola Emergency — Refugee Crisis — Khmer Rouge Leaders Guilty — GE Acquires Alstom — Bloomberg


 2014-08-09  50m

NEWZ083 Colombia Special

MH17 Tragedy — Israel Gaza War — Guantanamo Prison — BRICS Summit — Columbia: Peace Process, Politics, Image Problems


 2014-07-23  47m

NEWZ082 Beyond The Ring

Reporting from Moscow — Action in Ukraine — Kurdish Army Advances — Israel Gaza Violence — MSF Report — Juncker Becomes Commissioner


 2014-07-16  1h18m

NEWZ081 Less Disgusting Than Ten Years Ago

Brazil Accident — World Cup Weapons — Norway Voting — Palm Oil Ruling — Human Rights Award — Decade of Cleaner Air — Bulgarian Banks — Science Podcast


 2014-07-04  44m

NEWZ080 You Better Behave Or We Will Send Advisors

US Advisors in Iraq — Argentina Debt — Pakistan Army Waziristan— Assange Anniversary — Fukushima Report — G77 Meeting - Forbes


 2014-06-20  42m

NEWZ079 Political Existentialism

Boko Haram Slaughter — Estonia Anti-Spy — Modi Victory — Syrian Election — EU Parliament Results — Tiananmen Square Anniversary — OpenDemocracy


 2014-06-06  45m